Video Camera Inspections – Getting to the Root of Your Plumbing Problem

September 1, 2017

Tacoma Video Camera InspectionsNot every plumbing problem is as easy as spotting a leaking pipe under the sink and quickly addressing the problem. Some plumbing issues are concealed in walls or even underground. In fact, some plumbing issues can be occurring deep within your system without you even realizing it, and for quite some time.

As a Tacoma homeowner, you want to feel as though you are doing whatever it takes to take the best care of your home, as possible. This, of course, includes your integral plumbing system. In some instances, this is where video camera inspections come into the picture and help change the game completely.

The average person will need one of these services, at least once in their lifetime. This option for seeing inside your pipes and plumbing revolutionized a service that once could only be done by tearing up the yard, destroying the landscaping and getting a look directly inside the sewer or lines. So if you have not already had this type of work done, here is some of what you should be aware of.

Understanding the Benefits

The latest in innovative technology for your plumbing comes in the form of advancements in video camera inspections. This is the ideal way to take the guesswork out of professional plumbing service, and find a solution for an existing plumbing issue. While the advantages should be quite obvious, if you are not yet familiar with them, here is some of what you should know:

Using a video camera inspection system will provide accurate answers. No more guesswork when it comes to your plumbing. This camera enables a professional to take a look and provide you with a correct analysis.

Obviously, this is a much less intrusive and destructive approach to addressing your plumbing service needs. No one wants their indoor pipes taken apart or their yard ripped up to access the sewer, just to find out if that is the problem. Don’t play trial and error with your plumbing when a video will tell you what you need to know.

There is no quicker way to get the information that you need or solve the problem, then with a camera. In the days prior to a video inspection, it means trying different methods and waiting to see if it worked. This approach could take weeks, if not months. All while you would still have to live with whatever plumbing issue you were having.

This is also the perfect way to identify an issue in a preventative way. Being able to identify areas that could lead to future problems means reducing the likelihood of running into those problems. Getting proactive about preventative care will keep your system in fully operational mode, plus save you the time, stress and money associated with major plumbing repair emergencies.

Getting Quality Results

Of course, what matters the most is that you only partner with a reputable and established industry expert. Some less than honorable self-proclaimed pros have made a bad name for plumbers and video inspection by reusing a previous video. They do this to show you a problem that may have existed in someone else’s home, but not yours.

This enables them to send the homeowner into a panic and agree to expensive repairs and work, that probably isn’t necessary. Locals here know that the name to call on is Rooter-Man, for just about any type of plumbing issue you could have.

Don’t take a gamble by working with anyone who could be concerned with anything other than providing you with superior service. We are dedicated to our customers and believe in going above and beyond to offer the results that you want, need and should be able to expect. You will feel good about making the choice to work with us.

We want to discover the root of your plumbing issue, in a timely fashion. From there, we can execute the work required to rectify the situation. Find out for yourself how we have earned the impeccable reputation that we have.

If you would like to speak to one of our Tacoma drain cleaning contractors, please call 877-694-5176, or complete our online service request form.

It’s No Wonder Some Plumber’s Pants Sag!

July 11, 2012

Plumbing Tools in TacomaPlumbing is a professional trade and it is vital that your Seattle plumber has the correct tools of the plumbing trade to be able to do a variety of different jobs, from plumbing installations to maintenance work. Ideally they should use tools that are manufactured specifically for the trade.  When assembling a plumbing tool kit, plumbers will consider all their needs from spades and shovels for digging trenches, leveling tools including spirit levels and dumpy levels, to specialized video inspection equipment for checking drains. Here we are going to look at some of the more common, but specific plumbing tools.

Tools for clamping and tightening
Plumbers need a selection of metal spanners and wrenches that they can use to clamp pipe work and tighten and undo nuts and bolts. There are various types including open-ended spanners, ring spanners, socket spanners, box spanners (or basin spanners) and invaluable shifting spanners that are adjustable. They also use various pliers and vices, including a vice-grip, which is a particularly useful multi-purpose tool that has an adjustable jaw. Pipe wrenches, which are manufactured in different sizes, are often called monkey wrenches (or a bobbejaan spanner) in South Africa, because its side view looks a bit like a monkey or baboon. Metal clamps of various sorts are also commonly included in a professional Seattle plumber’s toolkit.

Tools for bending
Plumbers need special tools and machines to be able to bend mild steel and copper pipe. Copper may be bent using a bending spring, with hand or scissor-type benders, or with stand-type benders manufactured specifically for bending hollow copper pipe, which is a relatively soft metal. Small diameter mild steel pipes may also be bent with stand-type benders that are attached to a workbench. Large mild steel pipe will have to be bent using a more powerful hydraulic bending machine.

Tools for cutting
There are many different cutting tools that can be used to cut pipes and other plumbing materials. However it is essential for your Seattle plumber to use the correct tools for the job at hand. For example, hand-held pipe cutters are intended for cutting copper pipe and for deburring the inside of the pipe after cutting. Hacksaws are commonly used for cutting plastic pipe and thin mild steel or even copper pipe. However, more sturdy cut-off machines (which look like circular wood saws) are normally used for thicker pipe and other metal. Many plumbers also use old fashioned tin snips to cut thin sheet metal.

Tools for making thread in pipes
While some pipes are welded or soldered together, other types are joined with special connectors. When plumbers work with galvanized mild steel pipes, they normally cut a thread into the pipe so they can screw two pieces of pipe together. They use hand thread taps as well as special machines to do this.

Tools for clearing and cleaning drains
There are various specialized plumbing tools that plumbers use to both clear and clean drains. The most common are powerful jetting machines that come with various nozzles and heads. They can be used to get rid of sand, grease and even the roots of trees growing inside drains. They also use jetting machines to descale pipes and to clean sewers, which are on municipal or public Seattle property.

If you are looking for a plumbing professional in Tacoma with the right tools and equipment, please call 877-694-5176 or complete the online request form to schedule an appointment today.

Lights! Cameras! Action! in Tacoma

June 6, 2012

Pipe Camera in Tacoma, WANot all plumbers are old-school. Ask if a plumbing camera can help make your pipes’ problem easier to fix.

Today’s plumbers have a lot more in their arsenal than a standard plumbing snake and a couple of wrenches. Utilizing high-tech tools like plumbing cameras, your Tacoma plumber can turn to cutting-edge technology when they’re working to get your pipes clear and free-flowing once again. So if you’re experiencing what seems to be a major problem with your Tacoma home’s sewer drain, call in the pros with the latest tools to drain your pipes out in the most effective, least disruptive way.

Video pipe inspection utilizes a special waterproof camera connected to a long spool of wire, not all that unlike a plumbing snake. This small camera is specifically designed to be able to pass through drain pipes, withstanding the harsh conditions to provide a clear picture, even through standing water. To locate a problem, your Tacoma plumber will thread the camera into your pipes, usually through a sewer cleanout, uncoiling the wire as the camera passes further down the pipe. As the camera moves thorough your plumbing, the technician will be able to see the interior of your pipes on a small video screen. In this way, a pipe inspection can precisely locate all types of problems, including:

* Blockages and buildup
* Root intrusion
* Pipe damage such as cracks and breaks

In the majority of cases, once your plumber has discovered where the problem lies, he or she will be able to resolve the issue without digging up your yard or tearing up your floor. In cases of root intrusion or blockages, often scouring out the pipes with a hydro jet (pressurized water) technique will eliminate the problem, all from the inside of the pipe.

Using a plumbing camera to locate the problem doesn’t always mean that the issue can be solved without excavation. For example, in the case of a sewer drain pipe that’s actually broken in two, the line will need to be replaced. However, by using a sewer line camera to pinpoint the damaged section of pipe, your Tacoma plumber will be able to dig up this specific spot, rather than excavating the entire line in search of the issue. This helps streamline the whole process and minimizes the damage to your yard that will be required to get your plumbing working again.

So the next time you’re experiencing a plumbing backup or drain problem, ask your Tacoma plumber if a video pipe inspection might be right for your project. You may be surprised at how much faster, easier, and less invasive fixing your pipes’ problem may be when you have a sewer line camera on the job!


If you are looking for a professional video pipe inspection by our Tacoma plumber,please call 877-694-5176, or complete our online service request form.

Tacoma Video Inspection Of Sewers and Plumbing Services

February 3, 2011

Sewer pipes often get clogged up with unwanted things and it may lead to bad odor, leads to breed of insects in turn affects the people around. It also leads to leakage of sewage thus creating nuisance to public. To periodically monitor these problems people in Tacoma have installed cameras to inspect sewer pipes.

Sewer pipes and drains also deteriorate over time and require maintenance eventually. Anyone should not wait till such sewage problems happens therefore these pipes always should be kept under surveillance through camera and Tacoma video inspection. This camera surveillance also helps to maintain safe, consistent and continued sewer pipelining operations. The surveillance camera setup is provided by lots of plumbing and pipelining companies in Tacoma.

Closed circuit television (CCTV) cameras are used in sewer video inspection technology. The technology is now so good that the pictures obtained of the inside of pipes and drains are clear enough to easily identify any damage, or even any potential future damage, in the interior part of the pipe. It is very easy to detect minute cracks and leakages in sewer pipes by monitoring through surveillance cameras.

The surveillance video cameras are also very useful when monitoring sewer pipes running through unreachable areas and sewer pipes running through long distances. Any build up of debris or dirt can also clearly be seen to allow the right approach of cleaning to take place later. Nowadays, people from Tacoma have started installing surveillance sewer video inspection camera setup in every house to monitor their pipes. The sewer video inspection allows people to monitor these sewer leakage problems in no time and they report to the plumbing services in Tacoma instantaneously.

Surveying pipe work in this way can save a lot of money by letting them have firsthand knowledge of the condition of every inch of their drains and sewers. It can eliminate or at least minimize the kind of nasty surprise that usually accompanies an unexpected breakdown.

By sewer video inspection any intimate problem such as:

– Cracked sewer lateral
– Bellied drain line
– Separated lateral joint
– Debris blockage
– Root intrusion
– Leaking pipe joints
– Deteriorated piping materials

are identified. Sewer video inspection reveals which issue is the cause of sewer and drain symptoms. The depth and exact location of the issue can be identified to keep your repair costs down.

Are Camera Plumbing Inspections Necessary For All Tacoma Plumbing Jobs?

August 10, 2010

Sooner or later, every Tacoma homeowner will have to deal with a plumbing problem. Sometimes problems in a septic or water pipe system can be tricky to determine because the source of the problem is difficult to locate. Fortunately, plumbers now have access to technologically advanced devices that will allow them to view deep inside a plumbing system. One such device plumbers now use is a pipe inspection camera. When it is difficult to locate the cause of a plumbing problem, a Tacoma plumber may use a pipe inspection camera.

Plumbers can use a micro-inspection camera to peer inside walls or behind appliances or objects that are obstructing the view. As well, they can use a sewer inspection camera to examine the septic system. These cameras are beneficial because they can fit in small, tight, and hard to reach places. A sewer pipe camera operates much like a snake because it is a camera that is attached to a long flexible cable. The cable is joined to a small LCD screen which will show the image that is captured by the camera.

This gives the plumber a clear real time view of the plumbing system. The small camera is sent into the pipe using the cable. As it is fed into the pipe, the plumber is able to view the video that is being transmitted. This is very beneficial for the plumber because the interior of the pipe can be seen which helps in locating the source of the problem and its exact location. This shows where to exactly to make the repair and what is needed to make the repair. For instance, a camera can easily find out if roots are clogging up the pipes and the appropriate measures can be taken to break up the roots so they can be flushed through the system.

Tacoma video inspection makes it convenient and inexpensive to locate the problem. For instance, for a problem in a pipe located behind a wall, previously, the wall would have to be torn up. By using an inspection camera, the problem can be located and fixed without destroying parts of a wall. Uses for inspection cameras include: finding clogs in the pipes, inspecting the drain pipes, diagnosing and repairing problems in the HVAC systems, locating electrical wiring problems, and seeing behind walls or other difficult to reach spaces.

Plumbers are trained and experienced on how to properly use plumbing inspection cameras. They can pinpoint the problem and know what tools and devices are needed to make a proper repair. They can then look at the completed repair job to make sure it was properly fixed. They are perfect devices to use when trying to locate expensive jewellery that was lost down the drain. As well, these cameras are effective at tracking changes in the pipe over time such as the accumulation of sediment. It also is safer for one’s health to examine backed up sewer pipes and it does not damage the plumbing system. The next time a plumber suggests a Tacoma plumbing camera inspection, it is wise to consider the benefits of using such a device.

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